Friday, 23 February 2018

COMC Black Friday: 1999 - 2002 Browns; and Christmas packs 28 & 29

There are still Browns cards to show from the early expansion years after showing individual players in my earlier posts so we'll get to those now.
Top (l-r): 1999 Collector's Edge First Place - Gold Ingot #36; - Gold Ingot #37
Bottom (l-r): 1999 Score - Showcase #145 (#/1989); - Showcase #143 (#/1989)
Still chasing parallels from 1999.

Collector's Edge First place set had six parallels. Yes, that is a lot less than many modern sets, but I think it is still too many. 1999 Score only had two parallels. That seems so much more reasonable.

All three players above only played the 1999 season with the Browns, with Detmer being injured for the 2000 season before being traded to Detroit, and Kirby moving on to play three years with Oakland.

Top (l-r): 2000 Bowman Reserve - Rookie Autographs #TP; 2000 Playoff Absolute #177 (#/3000)
Bottom (l-r): 2000 Playoff Momentum #115 (#/750); 2000 Topps Gallery - Player's Private Issue #172 (#/250)
The Browns picked Dennis Northcutt out of Arizona with the first pick of the second round of the 2000 NFL Draft. He played ten years in the NFL, seven with the Browns followed by two with the Jaguars and one with the Lions.

Travis Prentice was selected with the first pick of the third round out of Miami (Ohio). He rushed for 512 yards and 7 touchdowns in his rookie season before being traded to the Vikings just before the 2001 season.

Top: 2000 Quantum Leaf - Rookie Revolution #RR-13 (#/5000)
Bottom: 2000 SPx #141 (#/2000)

Some pretty rare serial numbered cards there! I say that, but really, although I pull a lot of serial numbered cards now, and that are in lower quantities than these, it isn't as though I'm pulling the Browns that I want. I'm happy to find these on the secondary market.

Top: 2001 Fleer Premium #237 (#/2001)
Bottom: 2001 Pacific Titanium - Post-Season Football #P25 (#/795)

The Browns drafted James Jackson from the Miami Hurricanes in the third round of the 2001 NFL Draft.

I really like the die-cut Pacific card with the helmet in the background.

Top: 2001 Pacific Vanguard - V-Team Rookies #8 (#/999)
Bottom: 2001 SAGE - Autographs Bronze #A32 (#/650)

Quincy Morgan was selected out of Kansas State in the second round of the 2001 NFL Draft. He was traded to the Cowboys for Antonio Bryant midway during his fourth season.

L: 2001 Topps Chrome - Refractors #148 (#/999); 2001 Upper Deck Rookie F/X #160
The 2001 Upper Deck Rookie F/X set is a pretty annoying one. Cards in the set duplicate other Upper Deck styles - this one copies the Upper Deck Victory set. I'm thankful that there are resources like The Trading Card Database to help sort things out.

Aaron Shea wore number 80 for the Browns from 2000-2003 before switching to number 83 for 2004 and 2005 after new 2004 first round pick Kellen Winslow bought the number from him for an undisclosed amount that was less than $20,000.

Top: 2002 Fleer Maximum #254 (#/3500)
Middle: 2002 Fleer Premium - All-Rookie Team #2 AR
Bottom: 2002 SPx #144 (#/1500)
William Green was the Browns first round pick in the 2002 NFL Draft out of Boston College. He played four seasons with the Browns before being released after coming to agreement on an injury settlement with the team following the 2006 training camp.

(L-R): 2002 Fleer Premium #165 (#/1250); 2002 Leaf Rookies & Stars - Action Packed Bronze #10 (#/1850)
I used to really like Action Packed cards. At least this insert card has the raised player photo and rounded corners like the original set but it just isn't the same.

Top (l-r): 2002 Donruss Elite - College Ties #CT-10 (#/1600); 2002 Pacific #498
Bottom: 2002 Fleer Maximum #284 (#/3500)
As can be seen in the College Ties card, André Davis was a teammate of Michael Vick at Virginia Tech. He was drafted by the Browns in the second round of the 2002 NFL Draft.

Davis is one of the receivers tied for the NFL record for longest reception with a 99 yard touchdown reception against the Bengals on October 17, 2004.

L-R: 2002 Topps Pristine #99; - Refractors #100 (#/499)
Something that may be interesting to other card collectors. In the fifth round of the 2002 NFL Draft, the Browns drafted linebacker Andra Davis of Florida. There are times that I have to be careful as to whether I need the Andra or André Davis cards. I also find that I sometimes mix the two when I'm sorting cards by player.

Left: 2002 Fleer Premium - Star Ruby #SR11 (#/100)
Middle: 2002 Pacific Crown Royale - Blue #36 (#/175)
Right: 2002 Topps Reserve #59 (#/999)
 If you look carefully, you will see the blue foil in the top right on the middle Crown Royale card.

L-R: 2002 Pacific Private Stock Titanium - Red #26 (#/275); 2002 Topps Chrome - Refractors #84 (#/599)
I like the way that you sometimes get a nice glow while scanning chrome refractors.


Today's Christmas baseball packs brings us two packs of...

...1992 Stadium Club Series 1!

Let's see what I get!

Pack 1:
Seeing the O'Brien card as the first card in the pack was great. A Mets catcher in a play at the plate, is there much better than that? Well, maybe the ball could be in his glove. Pictures like this one is what I remember Stadium Club for.

I really like the Braggs photo, and like the Biggio and Fryman photos, but wish that they were all cropped out just a bit. I'd like to see Braggs' extended foot and the full bats on the Biggio and Fryman cards.

 More enjoyable photos. I think I remember seeing Gross start a game for the Expos in Montreal.

Wow, Todd Hundley sure looks young. Love the photo on the Hoiles card.

Of course, Stadium Club had a feature on their backs that I always flipped over to see.

I loved seeing the rookie card on the back.

If you wondered about the BARS chart on the back, well this pack took care of that. This card was also inserted in the pack.

Pack 2:

The Stieb photo is a little boring, but he was a great pitcher for the Jays. I like the Karkovice photo.

Not a great selection of photos on these cards.

Sean Berry was traded to the Expos during the 1992 season and was part of their very talented 1994 team.

The insert in this pack was for the Topps Stadium Club Membership.

I never joined.

I think based on players and photos the first pack was the better of the two.

I should only have three more posts to go with Christmas baseball packs. Posting them here has made opening them more enjoyable and made me give more thought to the cards than I would have had I opened them all on Christmas Day.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Doug Pederson, 2018 Topps and Christmas pack 27

(I originally typed this up on February 6th but then lent my laptop to my sister for ten days or so and didn't actually post this.)

Congratulations to Super Bowl winning coach Doug Pederson!

2001 Pacific #109
I have two Browns cards of Doug Pederson in my collection from his stint as a backup to Tim Couch in 2000. After Tim Couch was injured in a Week 7 game, Pederson started 8 games for the Browns over the rest of the season. He became the third Browns starter of the expansion Browns.

I love this Pacific card in the snow.

2001 NFL Showdown 1st Edition #111
I actually bought the NFL Showdown game when it first came out. I never played it. I do appreciate some of the players that they included on each team.

Wasn't it fun watching all those Eagles fans with their dog masks. If only some other team had thought of that.

1992 Pro Set #682

I usually buy a baseball pack or two to look at, and see what's new. (Yeah, I know, I can see that on all those other blogs.) I stopped into a Walmart when I picked up my mail at my PO Box in Ogdensburg yesterday, and picked up a value box of 2018 Topps.

Here are the cards from the box that I enjoyed, and the inserts.

The Abreu card was my first Topps card of the year.

I like the Merrifield card, but wish that Topps just showed a little more of the picture - like the whole glove and ball, and the feet.

I also like hat tips and catchers, those photos jumped out at me. I like the bubble that Rupp is blowing.

I think that everyone likes the Hamilton card.

Judge and Stanton. Think we will hear their names paired together much this year? With the League Leader cards, I wish they had put what they led the league in somewhere on the front of the card. This is Stanton's RBI leader card.

All the horizontal cards in my pack were grouped together. I wanted the d'Arnaud card the minute that I saw it posted for the first time, and not just because I am a Mets and a catcher fan. It is just such a cool shot!

Some nice diving cards in the set.

Cool base-running card of Conforto. I hope he comes back strong and stays healthy this year.

I really like the photo of Rich Hill, but wish that the logo and name didn't block his glove and leg.

I am happy that the Mets re-signed Jay Bruce. I wonder how much first base he'll wind up playing this year.

On to the inserts:
The top foil card is the only non-insert parallel that I got.

A third Met in the box. I'll take it, although I don't think the insert itself is all that attractive.

The Memorial Day insert would be my favorite of these. Could it be because I can actually see game background on the card?

The box said that I would get two Kris Bryant insert cards.

I got three, one of which I imagine is a blue parallel. Not a fan of parallels of inserts. At least I don't have to collect these.

All in all, I prefer this year's set over the last couple, but like a lot of other bloggers, I think that I would prefer that the flagship Topps set have borders.


I'm still working on the Christmas baseball packs that I received. Today we have...

...1992 Score Series 2!

 I didn't buy much of this set when it came out, but I like the looks of it now.

Those bottom two prospects are pretty nice. I had forgotten that Lofton started with the Astros.

I always loved looking at the minor league stats on the back of the cards. I learned where various farm teams were

I remember Gil Heredia after his trade to Montreal, and then seeing him pitch in AAA for the Ottawa Lynx.

I might not have bought a lot of 92 Score when it came out, but I remember that I did own that Frank Thomas Dream Team card.

Nice to finish with a final catcher's card in this group.

I think the Lofton is probably my favorite card in the pack.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

COMC Black Friday: Kevin Johnson; and Christmas pack 26

I bought more Kevin Johnson cards than Tim Couch cards in my COMC Black Friday order, but I don't think that Johnson will ever make up the ground on Couch to take over the lead in my collection. That being said, let's look at the Johnson cards that I bought.

Top (l-r): 1999 Bowman - Autographics #A26; 1999 Collector's Edge First Place - Gold Ingot #161
Bottom (l-r): 1999 Collector's Edge Advantage - Rookie Autographs #172; - Rookie Autographs Blue Ink #161 (#/40)
I was surprised to find a bunch of inexpensive Kevin Johnson autographs on COMC when I was looking around. I jumped at them.

When my order came, I thought that I might have accidentally ordered the same card twice. It took a couple of minutes, but noticed one was hand numbered out of 40 on the back. I double checked my order and saw that one was black ink, and the other was blue ink. I'll blame the lighting in the room for not noticing that before.

The photo in the Advantage cards may appear to be a Browns uniform, but they're not, it is Johnson in his Syracuse college uniform.

L-R: 1999 Collector's Edge Triumph - Millenium Collection Blue #T164; - Signed, Sealed, Delivered #KJ
We all know that a lot of the chrome type cards don't show up well in scans. The logos and the name on the card on the left are in blue, hence the blue parallel. If you're curious about the photo, it is the same as the autographed card beside it.

Top: 1999 Press Pass - Autographs
Bottom (l-r): 1999 Score - Rookie Preview Autographs; 1999 Skybox Premium - Autographics

Three more cards of Johnson in his Syracuse uniform.


I'm still working on opening those Christmas baseball packs. The pack for this post is...

...1992 OPC Premier!

 Only 8 cards, but look at that French on the cards.

You know what, it really isn't that special to me. I grew up with regular O-Pee-Chee and their bilingual cards. I was always more excited when I was able to get a pack of Topps cards.

Ummm, this is an interesting start to the pack. Doubles in the first four cards. At least it is a former Met.

I remember Delino Deshields breaking in with the Expos. I think Dodger fans remember him as well.

Two Hall of Famers, a multiple All-Star World Series hero, and a Phillie that I don't remember. But he's got a good smile.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

COMC Black Friday: Couch; and Christmas pack 25

My COMC Black Friday order included some Tim Couch cards. By numbers, I'm closing in on 500 different Tim Couch cards. This may sound impressive, but according to the Trading Card Database he has over 1800 cards to collect. I'm sure that I will always be adding to my Couch collection.

Top Left: 1999 Bowman's Best - Rookie Locker Room Autographs #RA1
Top Right: 1999 Collection Edge Advantage - Rookie Autographs #159
Bottom Left: 1999 Collector's Edge Triumph - Commissioner's Choice #CC1 
Bottom Right: 1999 SkyBox Molten Metal - Gridiron Gods #5GG
 A couple more autographs for my collection.

As a former number one pick, Couch appears in a lot of insert sets. I already had a parallel of the Skybox Gridiron Gods card so this one looked familiar. I'm glad that I double-checked against my collection and didn't just pass it by.

Top Left: 2000 Topps Chrome - Preseason Picks #P11
Top Right: 2002 Donruss Gridiron Kings - DK Originals #CK-14 (#/1000)
Bottom: 2002 Fleer Box Score - First Edition #187 (#/100)
The Preseason Picks card is similar to a team card and has photos on the back of Kevin Johnson, Jamir Miller and Darrin Chiaverini.

I'm happy to add the Gridiron Kings card to my collection. I wonder if any of the athletes try to get the original art of themselves.

Top: 2002 Fleer Showcase - Air to the Throne #2 AT
Bottom: 2002 Score - The Franchise #FR-8

With all the white space in the middle of the Fleer Showcase card I could understand if people don't like this card, but I think it is better in hand than in the scan.

I wish that Tim Couch had turned out to be the elusive franchise quarterback, and that it was him that the Browns were struggling to replace after a long career, but his Browns career ended after the 2003 season. With a five year stretch of starting games for the Browns, one could argue that we are still struggling to replace him. Maybe this year.


Next up from the Christmas baseball packs that I received is...

...1992 Leaf Series 2.

Let's see what I got!

I'm not going to complain about finding a Met card in my pack. I liked Saberhagen with the Royals and was happy when the Mets traded for him.

It is interesting that all the fielder cards have photos of plays at a base.

The black border of the checklist caught my eye right away. I knew it would be something different, but when I saw that it was a checklist card, I just figured the checklists were black. I flipped it over.

Oh, okay, it is one of the Leaf Black Gold parallel cards. And Ryne Sandberg appeared on the back. Cool!

I don't remember Gary Varsho but I like the photo of him sliding.

Another action shot on the Jody Reed card.

Another crooked scan. I should probably have paid more attention to my scanning than the curling that I'm watching as I am doing this. (Page Playoff game for the Scotties Tournament of Hearts in case you wondered.) I may wind up posting it later, but that's what is on right now.

Rhodes sure wound up having a long career, but I guess that shouldn't surprise me too much after he became a left-handed relief pitcher.

Bill Landrum also gets added to the list of players that I don't remember, but it is a nice photo in an Expos uniform. Too bad the shade under the cap obscures his face a little.

Once again, some good memories with this pack, and I really enjoyed some of the photos in this pack.